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Brad Meador - downtime
downtime (2003)
All original music - performed, recorded and mastered in the spring of 2003 while taking a break between jobs.

The Nicest Guy She'd Meet
I Can't Feel Love
I Don't Know
Come Again
The Bitter Guy
Cryin' Dyin' Blues
Marie's Song
New York's Just a Dream
Not Anymore

Christopher Herren created the artwork for the CD, Tommy Hoffman shot the photos and Alice Shikina handled the design work.

The CD is available via Amazon (mp3 only), iTunes or CDBaby.  It's also on Napster and Rhapsody.  If you see it on one of these subscriptions services, please download and set play to repeat.  Thanks!

Brad Meador - WIP
Work in Progress
This is some new stuff I'm working on and should make an album in 2009:

Nothing Left to Lose
It's Not You, It's Me
Further to Fall
Broken Wings
It's Complicated
Brad Meador - Kim Meador Demo 2006
Kim's demo (Christmas 2006)
I captured some recordings of my sister Kim singing alongside Mom's piano. The result is an eclectic collection of tunes:

Fever (Davenport, Cooley)
Cold Cold Heart (Williams)
Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen, Mercer)
Look for Me I'll Be Around (Dee, Wood)
Bang Bang (Bono)
Look for Me - Acoustic Take (Dee, Wood)

Christopher Bost with Brad Meador - Joshua Tree
Christopher Bost - Joshua Tree (2008)
I spent a week in September 2008 recording Christopher Bost.  Like last year, almost all of these pieces are written, played and sung by Chris.  In most cases, we captured the recordings live and added an occasional backing vocal later for good measure.

chocolate pools
ever green
grace brings contentment
green tea
kinda sorta
last sing-song
laughter is infectious
throwing stones
rumble in the desert

Brad Meador - Homewant to hear more?
When I first started playing guitar, I played a lot of covers.  It was the only way to get people to really listen to my influences.  I've posted my older recordings with songs by Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Dwight Yoakam and others here.  Check them out.