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Christopher Bost with Brad Meador - Joshua Tree
Christopher Bost - Joshua Tree (2007)
In Summer 2007 I spent a week in Joshua Tree recording Christopher Bost.  Almost all of these pieces are written, played and sung by Chris.  I added what I could.

Kinda Sorta
Ever Green
Chocolate Pools
Green Tea Song
My Favorite Boots
Sweet Jane (Reed)
Kinda Sorta a Reprise

Brad Meador. Kim Meador Home
Home (2002)
Kim sings on a lot of these - we spent a long weekend in San Francisco hammering them out.

Fever (Cooley/ Davenport)
Jolene (Parton)
Bittersweet (Mohr)
Home (Crow)
I'm So Glad You're Mine (Crudup)
Come Again (Meador)
One Big Love (Griffin)
Sweet Jane (Reed)
Tomorrow Night (Miller)
Language of the Heart (Wilcox)
Leaving Las Vegas (Crow)
Time Will Do the Talking (Griffin)
Changed Your Mind (Isaak)
Crying and Dying Blues (Meador)
Simple Song (Lovett)
Crazy (Nelson)
Waiting for the Rain to Fall (Isaak)
You've Got a Friend (Taylor)
King Tears (Hyatt)
I Write the Book (Griffin)

Brad Meador, The Atlanta Sessions
The Atlanta Sessions (1997)
I recorded this album on an old 4 track as a gift for a friend's wedding. It was my first recording experience, but the results are decent. I lived in Atlanta at the time, and Kim came over to help out on a few songs. It contains the first songs I wrote, as long as you don't count "My Dog Blazer" (circa 1977).

Fever (Davenport, Cooley)
Think of Tomorrow (Isaak)
Strong Chemistry (Wilcox)
Bitter Guy (Meador)
Something in the Way She Moves (Taylor)
Love Me Tender (Matson, Presley)
Don’t Mess Around With Jim (Croce)
Nicest Guy She’d Meet (Meador)
This Love Will Last (Isaak)
Carolina in My Mind (Taylor)
Sweet Jane (Reed)
I’ll Still Be Loving You (Bunch, Rose, Kennedy, Lerney)
Fire & Rain (Taylor)
She’s No Lady (Lovett)
I Don’t Know (Meador)
Things We Said Today (Lennon, McCartney)
Leave It Like It Is (Wilcox)
Marie’s Song (Meador)
Wicked Game (Isaak)

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